Learn to Bounce:

From a high-tech layoff to your ideal work

by Anita Caputo & Lee Wallace

“Learn to Bounce” is a book of hope and triumph for professionals who have lost their jobs. The book is a collection of real life stories that will validate your emotional experience of being laid off, and inspire you to take action to find your ideal work.

Learn to Bounce was written to give hope and inspiration to highly skilled knowledge workers who lose their jobs. The book is a collection of real stories about real people just like you. It is about high-tech workers who triumphed and overcame adversity to land their ideal work during one of the worst job markets in history. Their stories offer encouragement, inspiration and solid advice to job hunters everywhere.

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Trying to figure out if the book Learn to Bounce is worth buying?

If you work in the career transition or counselling business

This book is a vital resource in helping you help your clients. Your clients will find the book invaluable too!

If you are unemployed

If you have been laid off from a high-tech job or other job, this book has been written especially for you. If you are still searching for work, validate your emotional experience and get inspired from the people who have “been there, and done that!”

If your spouse or someone you care about has been laid off

Gifting the book to someone special is a great way to help. If you and your family have been impacted by the layoff, learn about the important role you play.

If you are considering a career or job change

If you want to explore what your next job can be and learn from the people who have successfully changed their work, this book is for you!

Learn to Bounce was uplifting and a great help to me during my job search. It was comforting to identify with the full range of emotions experienced by those who had been there, done that.” The book is a chock full of practical advice and job search strategies!

Kate HarrisSystems Engineer

Learn to Bounce has become every bit as important as having a marketable set of skills. In Learn to Bounce, Anita and Lee add valuable insights and inspiration, along with practical, action-oriented strategies to the tools more and more people need as jobs change and disappear, and new ones come into being.”

Paul and Sarah EdwardsAuthors of Finding Your Perfect Work

“…practical tools and real stories that are sure to assist technology professionals to pursue their right career!”

Alan KearnsCanada’s Career Coach and founder of CareerJoy

“This is a must-read for every professional, but especially for anyone out of work, between jobs or in career transition. Your solid, practical strategies, information and tips, all based on real-life examples of survival and success during this difficult time, are invaluable.”

Michael HughesTHE Networking Guru

“A great resource for those on a journey to career change! From personal experience, I know that Learn to Bounce aptly reflects the reality of searching for new work in challenging markets.”

Mary Heatha Senior Manager

“To understand the emotional impact of a job loss, it’s wise to learn from real people who went through it. This excellent book uniquely captures their stories, their struggles, their resilience and their triumphs!”

Dr. David PosenAuthor of Always Change a Losing Game and The Little Book of Stress Relief

“A brilliant book, written from the inside out, on what does and does not work when you’re unemployed and looking for work. This is not another lofty tome of exercises and job hunting wisdom. Rather, it is the collective wisdom of dozens upon dozens of bright, talented people who experienced sudden job loss – and how they worked through their fear, loneliness and feelings of guilt to build new lives. This is a book of hope and triumph”

David PerryAuthor of Guerrilla Marketing for Job Hunters

About the Authors

Anita Caputo

During the summer of 2001, at the height of the technology crash, Anita was laid off by her technology employer. Feeling unsettled and fearful, yet courageous and confident, Anita began a period of years filled with unexpected challenges and opportunities. She quickly found her ideal work, trying to help fellow laid-off technology workers land their ideal work.

This book, Learn to Bounce, was Anita’s idea for bringing hope and inspiration to the unemployed. Today Anita speaks on leadership, personal effectiveness and career management in the workplace. She is a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers, and the author of Promote Yourself, a book focused on self-marketing.

She is a management trainer with Learning Tree International and Sprott School of Business, Carleton University. Anita is also proud to be a “success coach”—the name given to her by one of her valued clients.

Connect with Anita Caputo via Linkedin

Lee Wallace Co Author of Learn to Bounce

About the Authors

Lee Wallace

As a career and life coach, Lee works with professionals who want to find or create work in which they feel fulfilled, make a difference, and earn a good living. He is an expert both in helping clients find the right career direction for them and in the practical steps needed to find their next job or client.

He works with them one-on-one or in group settings to help them gain awareness and clarity about what matters most to them, what they really want, and the value they bring to the right employer or client. They position themselves as a great solution to someone’s problem.

Working with Lee, clients feel confident, capable, and on the right track, as he encourages, challenges and sometimes prods them to take the action that gets them the results they want.

Lee has 30+ years of successful experience as a counselor and coach, speaker and trainer. This includes 10 years of work with two international companies that help laid-off workers land new jobs. In addition to Learn to Bounce, Lee is author of Career Studies 10, a textbook used widely in Ontario schools.

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Learn to Bounce is an essential resource, full of valuable tips and lessons, for anyone who is out of work, particularly those who are impacted by an industry or company collapse.

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Watch Anita Caputo and Lee Wallace talk about the making of Learn to Bounce and also what inspired the book.

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